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Issue 13 — Thursday, October 30, 2014
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More Than
Forty Years

MILFORD — Although it has been publishing much, much longer, the Pike County Dispatch has been the newspaper of record for the County of Pike for more than 40 years. That means the Dispatch is the place to go to find out about public meetings, estate notices, bids, public hearings, real estate sales and transactions, and Sheriff sales.

The Pike County Commissioners listed the Dispatch as an official newspaper for legal notices during their opening meeting of 2014, and once again, during their annual reorganization meetings on the first business day of the New Year, most of the other municipalities in Pike County followed suit. So far, Milford and Matamoras Boroughs, and Westfall, Dingman, Delaware, Shohola, Blooming Grove. Milford and Lehman Townships have made it their business to have the Dispatch as an official newspaper.

So make it your business to keep up with all the news in Pike to print, including official business and legal notices from your town.

To find out where to buy your copy of the county’s official newspaper or to subscribe for home mail delivery, click here.

The Voice Of Pike County
Since 1826

The Pike County Dispatch is not only Pike County's largest circulation weekly newspaper, it is also the oldest.

Founded as the Eagle of the North, it has been in continuous operation reporting news and covering local events since 1826. It is, and always has been, the mainstay in keeping the local citizenry informed. Today, subscribers are as far afield as California and Florida

The Dispatch has covered the historic events that have shaped Pike County for almost as long as that history has been in the making.

Over the years, hometown news has shared pages with national and world events, and world events were sometimes right here in Pike County, Pennsylvania.

Its pages carry news of joy and sorrow, homespun advice, births, deaths, marriages, spats, feuds, political controversy, scandals, murders, heists, social affairs, dedications--in short, all the news in Pike to print.

Look for the Pike County Dispatch at local news dealers, and read all about it!



Surveillance Balloon Deployed In Manhunt

BLOOMING GROVE — A large Mylar balloon joins the search efforts to find Pennsylvania State Police shooting suspect Eric Frein. According to PSP public information officer Trooper Tom Kelly on Monday, “The balloon is deployed and it is in the area of the Alpine Ski resort in Henryville PA.” As of press time, schools remain open and the search areas and numbers remain the same.

The experimental balloon and camera system was donated by the Ohio Department of Transportation and joins several types of technology being used in the multi-agency search. Kelly outlined several benefits of the system, “It is very similar to a weather balloon. It is tethered, unmanned and can provide similar levels of technology as some of our aviation equipment at a fraction of the cost. It is also silent as compared to helicopters.”

Drone Aviation Corp. delivered the BiB-100 system to the Ohio/Indiana Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center in Springfield last June. According to the company, the helium balloon can monitor an area via cameras for up to three days at a time, and can detect a single person within 3 miles.

It has a maximum height of 480 feet, and takes 20-45 minutes to inflate the 15-foot diameter balloon at a cost of about $1,000. Ohio D.O.T. originally invested in the system to potentially monitor prison perimeters or construction sites. It is the second non-military unit sold in the U.S., Metro Nashville Police Department purchased a similar “Blimp in a Box” in 2008.


State House Candidates Square Off Over Stream Buffer Vote

STROUDSBURG — Following the passage of Pennsylvania HB 1565, which eliminates mandatory stream buffers, state Rep. Rosemary Brown’s challenger, Democrat Liz Forrest, questioned Brown’s potential conflict of interest in the vote. Forrest issued a statement saying, “This is a sad day for anyone concerned about the future environment of Monroe and Pike Counties. The pristine waters of the Poconos, and the aquatic life they contain, are a critical component in a local fragile ecosystem under constant threat from development. The local tourism economy is dependent on our environment.

“The impact on hunting and fishing activities will be devastating. Every drop of water in our wells starts as surface water in these streams and creeks. Both Monroe and Pike contain a significant number of the state’s ‘high quality’ and ‘exceptional value’ streams, which local property developers have been seeking to exploit for a number of years. They apparently have finally gotten their way following a political process that has loaded the board of the local conservation districts with pro development members, who then seek to prevent conservation district employees from warning the public of environmental dangers.

"We also believe an investigation should be undertaken into Rep. Rosemary Maula Brown’s political activities, statements of financial interest, campaign contributions and possible conflicts of interest in regard to the passage of this bill. RGB Homes is owned by her brother-in-law, Robert Brown, who is also the chairman of the ‘Government Affairs Committee’ for the Pocono Builders Association. Rep. Brown’s husband, Joe Brown, is a builder as well and is listed as Vice President of RGB Homes. Her brother and mother are owners of Empire Construction and have multiple real estate and construction interests. Residents have a right to know whether their state representative’s votes are for their benefit or for her own.”

In an email response to Forrest’s allegations, Brown wrote, “Liz Forrest is a desperate candidate spinning lies and personal attacks. She purposely deceives people when she portrays this as some sort of building free-for-all; the Department of Environmental Protection retains 100 percent oversight and final approval. The issue is that Ms. Forrest’s extreme positions do not allow her to see there is a necessary balance between protecting our environment and providing the jobs our families need. As for her personal attacks, beyond being simply wrong... for complete story, get this week' issue.


County Securing Funds For Green Space Purchase

ding strong support for their initiative to get grants for the county to acquire a 437-acre former Eckman property now owned by Pike County Land Investment, L.L.C. tract in Delaware Township.

The property is off Silver Lake Road and adjacent to Pocono Mountain Lake Forest community development. Pike Community Planning Director Mike Mrozinski briefed the Pike County Planning Commission on Monday on the status of grants.

Mrozinski said that his office is administering the initiative. So far, the county has the following funding commitments via grants:

• Pike County Scenic Rural Preservation Program, $359,228;
• Pennsylvania Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), $700,000;
• DCNR’s sister agency, Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry, $625,772.

Recently, Mrozinski said that his office received two appraisals on the property, one for $1.7 million and one for $1.4 million. Therefore, with the recent commitment by Forestry, the negotiations to close on the property can start... for complete story get this week's issue.

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