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Issue 10 — Thursday, October 8, 2015
Election Letter Deadlines

In the interests of fairness, the Pike County Dispatch has established the following policies for election campaign letters leading up to Election Day on Nov. 3.
The Oct. 22 “Your Dispatches” section on Page 2 will be your last chance to endorse candidates or raise new campaign issues or claims. We will restrict election-related letters in the Oct. 29 Dispatch – the last paper before the election – to SPECIFIC REBUTTALS of campaign issues raised in the Oct. 22 letters.
Letters to the editor, whether on hard copy or emailed, must include an individual name of the writer, and his or her address and telephone number for purposes of verification. No anonymous letter will be accepted for publication. We prefer letters under 300 words. Send to editor@pike or mail to P.O. Box 186, Milford PA 18337.
Deadline for letters to the editor is 3 p.m. on the Monday before publication.

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MILFORD — Although it has been publishing much, much longer, the Pike County Dispatch has been the newspaper of record for the County of Pike for more than 40 years. That means the Dispatch is the place to go to find out about public meetings, estate notices, bids, public hearings, real estate sales and transactions, and Sheriff sales.

The Pike County Commissioners listed the Dispatch as an official newspaper for legal notices during their opening meeting of 2014, and once again, during their annual reorganization meetings on the first business day of the New Year, most of the other municipalities in Pike County followed suit. So far, Milford and Matamoras Boroughs, and Westfall, Dingman, Delaware, Shohola, Blooming Grove. Milford and Lehman Townships have made it their business to have the Dispatch as an official newspaper.

So make it your business to keep up with all the news in Pike to print, including official business and legal notices from your town.

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The Voice Of Pike County
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The Pike County Dispatch is not only Pike County's largest circulation weekly newspaper, it is also the oldest.

Founded as the Eagle of the North, it has been in continuous operation reporting news and covering local events since 1826. It is, and always has been, the mainstay in keeping the local citizenry informed. Today, subscribers are as far afield as California and Florida

The Dispatch has covered the historic events that have shaped Pike County for almost as long as that history has been in the making.

Over the years, hometown news has shared pages with national and world events, and world events were sometimes right here in Pike County, Pennsylvania.

Its pages carry news of joy and sorrow, homespun advice, births, deaths, marriages, spats, feuds, political controversy, scandals, murders, heists, social affairs, dedications--in short, all the news in Pike to print.

Look for the Pike County Dispatch at local news dealers, and read all about it!


EDA Cites Improving Pike County Economic Climate

TAFTON — The Pike County economic picture, once far too bleak, has improved and, if the Economic Development Authority has its way, will continue to do so. That was a theme at the third annual Economic Development Summit Dinner Wednesday, Sept. 30, at Ehrhardt’s Waterfront Resort.

“We’re trying to do a variety of things to make (the unemployment rate) go down,” said EDA Executive Director Michael Sullivan. Sullivan noted that the unemployment rate in Pike County from January 2012 to June 2013 ranged from 9.6 percent to 10.6 percent. Today, it stands at 6.4 percent. The state rate is 5.4 percent, while the U.S. rate is 5.1 percent, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor.

An additional 325 new jobs are expected to arrive in Pike County, Sullivan said, through new businesses, which will bring the unemployment rate down to 5.05 percent. Unfortunately, he added, “These are jobs being held up by regulations.”

Some 123 county residents heard Sullivan and guest speaker Michael W. Brubaker, a former Pennsylvania state senator who now serves as chief executive officer of Blackford Ventures, Inc., a venture capital firm, discuss the county’s economic status and keys to business growth and stability at the dinner. In addition, five businesses received 2015 EDA Economic Development Awards from the Authority, as well as recognition from Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, for making significant investment and creating new local jobs.

Brubaker spelled out the principles that he said helped make his company successful. These he summarized as the “three Fs:” Focus and eliminate noise and distractions; Follow up, because often promises aren’t kept in a timely manner; and Finalize, because “time kills deals” and delays cause confusion. He said a positive attitude, finding ways to make a deal work, is critical even when individuals have concerns about it.

“If you have a complex deal and you don’t like it, suggest ways to improve it,” he said. “Help us get to yes.”

“I’m optimistic,” Brubaker said. “I don’t like the alternative. You pessimists, I don’t know how you do it.”

In Pike County, he said, hospitality is the No. 1 industry, while retail and health care are second and third. The three industries, he said, make up 50 percent of all jobs... for complete story, get this week's issue.

Rocking Chair Winners?

MILFORD — Politicians often ride a hobbyhorse, whether it is jobs, inflation, gun rights or whatever, but now five Milford residents intend to ride rocking chairs into slots on the Milford Borough Council. The five have stepped forward to run as write-in candidates for the Milford Borough Council election on Nov. 3. The name of their slate, “Milford on the Verge,” is in reference to protests of the recent ordinance passed by the Milford Borough Council prohibiting the placement of rocking chairs in the verge between Milford’s curbs and sidewalks.

This prohibition led to a rather mild manifestation of civil disobedience last week as opponents of the ordinance and business supporters sat in rockers and butterfly chairs and “rocked the verge” on Broad Street to protest the decree, giving new meaning to the term “passive resistance.”

The five candidates – Patrick Beck, Annette Haar, Meagen Kameen, Adriane Wendell, (running for the four available four-year seats), and David Wineberg, (running for the one two-year seat) – say they are promoting a non-partisan agenda of greater transparency, accountability and leadership. Former Milford Borough Councilman Bill Kiger is chairing the campaign, which, according to a Tuesday press release, is already under way with the candidates and volunteers “canvassing throughout the Borough this past weekend.”

“We’re asking our friends and neighbors in Milford to think about which direction we want Milford to go,” said Kiger. “Dick Snyder always reminded us that small towns struggling to maintain their sense of community and identity are always going in one direction or another, either degrading or improving. It isn’t so much the rate of the change, but the direction they are going that is most important.”

Meanwhile, Borough Council Vice President Joseph Casmus said Tuesday that incumbents on the council have lined up two write-in candidates of their own, Milford Borough residents Michael Neel and Elspeth Goodin. They will join May primary winners and incumbent councilmen Nicholas May, Douglas Jacobs and Robert Zaruba, who will be listed on the ballot.

Casmus said supporters would be outside Borough Hall on Election Day asking voters to write in Neel and Goodin and providing instructions on the correct spelling of their names.

The two write-in slots would fill vacant places on the ballot created when James Price and Vincent Accordino, whose terms expire this December, decided not to run again, in Price’s case because he has relocated from Milford.

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