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Sivick Removed As Board Chairman, Roadmaster

BUSHKILL — Longtime Lehman Township Supervisor John Sivick was removed from his positions as chairman of the Board of Supervisors and as roadmaster during the bi-monthly board meeting held on Tuesday morning.

Supervisors Dick Vollmer and Rob Rohner voted in favor of removing the embattled Sivick, who had served a 90-day township suspension with pay beginning June 17 for violations that have been under investigation by the state Ethics Commission. Rohner was installed as chairman of the board, a position held by Sivick for the past 12 years.

Tim Rohner, a township employee on the road crew for the past 29 years, was approved as the new roadmaster, a salaried position. Ed Dickison, a member of the road crew for 24 years, had served as interim roadmaster while Sivick completed his suspension but declined on serving a full-term position.

Sivick remains township supervisor, serving his third term, and can only be removed as supervisor by the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors. He was elected chairman by board members when previous chairman Walter Bensley retired after completing his term as supervisor.

“I can’t go into details; it’s a personnel issue,” said Rohner when asked about the decisions.

During the Jan. 4 reorganization meeting, Rohner voted against appointing Sivick to another year as roadmaster. Vollmer voted to appoint him. Sivick abstained from that first vote, but was legally allowed to vote as a tiebreaker and voted to appoint himself as roadmaster for another year. The position paid Sivick $58,000 yearly.

That issue revolved around Sivick, as roadmaster, hiring his son, Justin, to an unadvertised position on the road crew in 2013 despite his two local DUI arrests and another in Florida, which was downgraded to reckless driving. The job requires driving township vehicles and operating heavy equipment.

Justin Sivick started the job at $15 an hour and with steady raises each year, currently earns $18.20 an hour, or $37,000 a year.

The state commission is examining whether Sivick, who also is director of Public Works, improperly spent township revenue from recycling events that took place in Lehman Township. Sivick was charged with taking some of that money, which was earmarked for the township’s general fund, to spend on breakfast for the road crew after working long hours during a snow storm.





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