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Pennsylvania State Police Release
New Evidence In Search for Eric Matthew Frein

Blooming Grove – The Pennsylvania State Police continue to investigate the shooting incident at the Blooming Grove station where two Pennsylvania State Police troopers were ambushed by Eric Matthew Frein.

“I want to first thank the community and residents in the Pike and Monroe county areas for their cooperation and continued support of our operation,” said Lt. Col. George Bivens, deputy of operations. “Based on our investigation, the search efforts continue to be focused around the Pike and Monroe county border, more specifically the Barrett and Price township areas,” said Bivens.

“As I have previously indicated, we believe that Frein has prepared and planned extensively for months or maybe years for this attack and his efforts to avoid apprehension,” added Bivens.

“We continue to canvass the neighborhoods in Barrett and Price townships for useful pieces of information – and are asking anyone who has information which might assist law enforcement to contact our tipline at 866-326-7256,” said Bivens.

“Specifically, we are requesting information on any vacant or seasonal homes in the area which may have been disturbed in some way – for example, unlocked sheds/garage doors, pet doors, broken or open windows,” said Bivens. “We have executed search warrants on several vacant properties and are utilizing lock smiths so as to not damage property.”

The state police are seeking any information on any shelters or bunkers that Frein may have constructed or used in the past and to please report that information to the state police.

Additionally, state police would like to talk with anyone who may have seen Eric Frein’s 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport prior to Monday, Sept. 15th, – in and around the Blooming Grove station, Delaware State Forest and the White Deer recreational areas.

“We’ve had several possible sightings that are being investigated at this time,” said Bivens. “We continue to follow-up on other leads and as we track his movements, our search efforts will be refocused accordingly.”

This is an ongoing police operation and the state police continue to pursue Frein based on the information available to us in the Pike and Monroe county areas to allow our tactical teams to search where Frein may be located.

“We continue to find evidence of his presence and have found several items he has abandoned or hidden for possible future use,” said Bivens. “Some of those items include soiled diapers and Serbian cigarette packages, among other things.”

“I’d like to directly address the residents of our search area and thank them for their patience and understanding as this operation continues,” said Bivens. “Our troopers are doing their best to balance safety concerns with the need for residents to be able to travel freely to and from their homes.”

State police are asking people to use common sense and avoid going into the wooded areas in and around Barrett and Price townships, as well as the Delaware State Forest area.

In addition, the state police continue to ask the public for any photos or videos previously taken from trail or security cameras in those areas which may contain images of Frein or other suspicious activity.

PSP is recommending a number of precautions:
• First and foremost be alert and vigilant. If you see any vehicles or individuals that are out of the ordinary, please report them to 911 or our tip line immediately.
• Do not approach or encounter any suspicious persons or vehicles, but rather report them immediately. The suspect is still considered armed and dangerous.
• Lock all doors to both your residence and your vehicles.
• At night, keep the exterior of your home well-lit.
• Look for open shed doors or other locations that were once secure but now appear open, and immediately report the information.

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