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Sheriffs, K-9’s Sweep Port Jervis Banks After Bomb Threats

PORT JERVIS — Mayor Kelly Decker reported that federal, state, and county law-enforcement agencies and Port Jervis police are investigating an attempted extortion scheme via telephone that targeted banks, including two in Port Jervis on Friday.
Decker said that TD Bank and Sussex Bank in Port Jervis began receiving phone calls starting at noon requesting money. If money was not forthcoming, the caller threatened to blow up the banks with a bomb.
Decker said that the agencies, including Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are following up the threats. Orange County Sheriff’s Department and City K-9 dog squads swept the banks early Friday afternoon.
According to Decker, by 2:30 p.m., after the K-9 units found no bombs, and the FBI and Orange County law-enforcement agencies deemed the threat defused, police cleared the banks for reopening.
Decker said that banks in Scranton, Pa. and Netcong, N.J. received similar calls requesting money and threats of bombing, if money was not forthcoming, Scranton banks got calls on Wednesday and Netcong banks on Thursday.
Decker said that the incident apparently spawned reports of an armed robbery occurring in the city. He said that those reports are strictly rumors.
City Police asked anyone with any information or tips to call (845) 856-5101. Police assure complete anonymity.




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